Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, Here Comes a Winter Storm!

The weather forecasters are calling for a Winter Storm this weekend. They say it will be both ice and snow. I seem to be the only one who is not excited about it. I know what ice means. It means power will be knocked out, and who knows when it will come back on. In 2005 we had a HUGE ice storm in which power was knocked out for a week! It was miserable. You couldn't get warm in the house. I remember going to bed wearing 5 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of sweat pants, 5 pairs of socks, a couple of hats and I still couldn't get warm. Once people's power began being restored toward Wednesday or Thursday of that week, I began living like a nomad; bouncing around from house to house that had power.

I do NOT, I repeat, I do NOT wish to live like that again!

I feel like I should go to the grocery store and get some more food, but the thought of all of the other people at the grocery store scares me off. They'll all be scurrying around, knocking bags of potato chips into their buggies (yes in the South we call grocery carts, buggies), grabbing arm loads of cookies and loaf bread. The soup aisle will be completely void of any soup whatsoever. Even the grocery store brand of soup will be wiped out. The nearest thing to finding milk, would be to find the closest cow pasture and milk a cow yourself.

I think we have enough food. I have a loaf of bread, a few cans of soup, lots of spaghetti, deli meat & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, hot chocolate, popcorn, and coffee. The only thing I don't have is creamer for my coffee, but I think I can manage without. I did, however, tell Paul to stop and pick up some batteries. If the power does go out, we have nothing to give us light. I don't have any candles. They scare me. I'd end up catching my house on fire or something.

I guess I can deal with snow, but the thought of being stuck at home kind of pisses me off. Especially on the weekend. I kind of like to have free roam on the weekend. Plus, I really just don't like Winter and all of it's weather.

So today, we'll hang around having a semi-normal day and then tonight, the storm is supposed to roll in. The high tomorrow is 31 degrees. That's a big deal here. That's too cold! God forbid we have a power outage lasting more than a few hours, but just in case we do and I don't report back here on'll know that our power lines are covered in ice and I am probably freezing my butt off.

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Shell said...

I hope the storm isn't bad. It was in the 60s here yesterday and they're still saying that we could get snow tonight or tomorrow. No bread or milk to be found in the stores.

Melissa said...

I think we are in the midst of the same storm here in Northwest Arkansas. Currently it is snowing... it just finished sleeting. Fortunately, it wasn't near as bad as the ice storm we experienced last year which has AWFUL! Power was out for 3 days... tons of branches were down. It was not fun!

Good luck in the storm! Hopefully it won't be too bad for you!

Kristy said...

Hopefully it won't be that bad this time! I have my fingers crossed for you!

Becky said...

Think of it as an adventure! Read Little House on the Prairie...that will cheer you up...
It is 18 degrees here today so I hear ya on the cold....burrr!

Okay...Blogaversary question.

How did you and hubby meet :) ??

Salt said...

Good luck with the storm and I hope you don't lose power! We are supposed to get a little snow here, but nothing too severe.

People go so nuts before big snow events. It makes me laugh. I mean do they REALLY think they are going to be stuck inside long enough to need 10 loaves of bread?

Shandal said...

Stay warm inside and snuggle. I hope you don't really get snowed in, but sometimes it can be fun. :)

blueviolet said...

If you pretend that you can go somewhere even though you can't....ok, who am I kidding? That wouldn't even work.

I hate ice storms too because power outages are inevitable!!!