Friday, March 26, 2010


Today, I am discouraged.

I'm discouraged about a lot of things.

Like this blog for instance...

...and I really shouldn't have eaten that shortbread cookie.

I'm not sure why I'm so discouraged.

Just a lot of things have gone wrong.

...and a recurring nightmare that I seem to have three or four times a week.

I seriously shouldn't have had those two white chocolate pretzels.

I do wish the sun was out, and perhaps a little warmer.

I wish that I could find my blogger identity.

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Sam said...

Blogger identity... what do you mean by that? If you're referring to your blog having a main "topic" about which you post, mine is lacking that too... I've been thinking about something I could use as my "topic" but all I really post about are the goings on of my day, you know?

If that's not what you meant, sorry about the ramble, haha.

As far as what you shouldn't have eaten, I had 2 candy bars and about 8 peppermint patty's at work yesterday. Not to mention the chocolate chip muffin I had for "lunch"

Brandy said...

I'm sorry your discouraged. I like your blog. And I thought you were getting to the "I'm ok with eating" thing.

Kim@SoManyKids said...

Ah shiz!!! I just posted a lovely little comment and blogger ate it. Damn you, Blogger.

Anyway...It said something like I'm super unorganized topic-wise on my blog. It's pretty much about whatever I want to talk about that day... much like me in real life.

Keep your chin up :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Sorry about the pretzels :-( You know, white chocolate is WAY healthier than reg chocolate ;-)))

So I probably should NOT have sent that candy cookbook? Lollipops have NO fat!

You HAVE an identity!

Ian said...

Talk to me - wassamatta u?

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

Meh, blogger identity is overrated, if you ask me. I'm sorry you're feeing discouraged. Here's hoping you get a little sunshine your way, and it makes you feel better.

And you were able to stop at two chocolate covered pretzels? That, my dear friend, is an accomplishment in my book :)

Shandal said...

SNAP out of it girlfriend! I don't know why you are worried about your blog! I love it. I don't think that anyone only talks about one thing, and if they did, I probably don't follow them because that'd be boring! LOL Just be your cute self. That's why I followed YOU in the first place!
Don't beat yourself up about the food either! I had pizza hut on sunday and I had a bowl of honey nut cheerio's before bed TWICE this week! Haha! Hope that makes you feel better! We all go a little willy nilly with our diets sometimes. Don't fret it. :D

Miti said...

Hey Samantha! Sorry you're feeling so discouraged. I think you have a great blog!! I love coming over here!! Blogging is meant to be fun so don't worry too much about it. But I know what you mean. I feel like all I've been posting on my blog is nothing but nonsense. I get in those moods but one day we are going to look back at all our posts and be glad we did it. It's a great way to reminisce. So, don't you go anywhere cause I'll miss your Apple Juice and Milk.

Melissa said...

Oh no Samantha... this does not sound good at all. I'm sorry you are discouraged.

Is there something in particular that is bothering you?

I hope you get it all "figured out."

Good luck.

And as to "blogger identity," I'm not really sure what that means or is... on my blog, I just write about the stuff in my life. I love that people read it and enjoy it - and I love comments. Sometimes I wish more people enjoyed my blog and that I would get tons of followers... but at the same time, the more followers, the more work I feel I need to do to keep up with other blogs... so, I'm pretty happy with my blog. Even if it's not really gaining an "audience." It is what it is, and that's okay.


And try not to be too hard on yourself with the food stuff. I know it's hard (trust me), but the more I worry about it - the more likely I am to say "screw it" and eat a ton. So don't do that. Try to forgive yourself and move on. It really will be ok.

I just wrote a ton. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Just keep writing. I will be here to read it sweetie.
Hey and you enjoy your yum yums!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I lose my blog mojo all the time babe, it will come back I promise! Maybe take a few days to yourself, get something down for you and then the words will flow freely again x

Menopausal New Mom said...

Awww Sweetie, take a deep breath and hang in there. The sun will be here before you know it and these old gray skies will be gone.

Don't stress over the pretzels, I'm not stressing over the mountain of chocolate Easter Eggs I've chowed down on today :)

Joe Cap said...

Please don't be discouraged. Your blog is great, have you seen how many talented writers have complimented you and continue to do so?
And pretzels and chocolate don't really mix, so it's not just you.
Why don't you just grab your lovely daughter and give her a great big hug, and your hub too, while you are at it. I guarantee you will feel better.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY what Shandal said. It's ok to have moments where we don't know where we are heading, days where we pig out, and days we just are down. You are HUMAN.

But you are the cutie-patootee that I adore, and just because life is throwing you some curve balls right now, it doesn't mean it will be all the time. Don't let it keep you down, ok?

((Love and hugs))

Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

Kato said...

I think we are all going through a little of the same thing honey. I know I am. But we just have to keep on keeping on...because we are creative beings and we need an outlet.

So keep on keeping on my dear! Everyone would do it if it were easy!