Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out - Irritating FB Friends

It's Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday, and I am linking up with Shell from Things I Can't Say. Feel free to join in!

I love the majority of my Facebook friends. Really, I do. I love being able to keep up with family members that I never get to see, and friends from long ago. I love keeping up with the people I go to church with, and even keeping up with my own Parents! However, there are a couple of friends that I have on Facebook that I would LOVE to delete from my friends list. Some of them I have deleted, and they keep coming back like an itchy rash. It's no secret that people generally get on my nerves, but these people really, really get on my nerves. Like really.

What kind of people am I talking about?

The Status Stealer
Status Stealers are the people who will take my status, and use it as their own. They usually try to disguise their stealing duplication, by changing a few of the words around & adding a smiley face at the end. You're not fooling me. Isn't this called Plagiarism?

The Profile Creeper
Profile Creepers are the people who stalk my pictures, and profile without leaving any comments, but the next time I am talking to them in person they say something like, "...yeah I saw that on your FB" Really? Stop being a creeper, and let me know you're looking at my stuff!

The Friend Stealer
I know it's a small world, and a lot of people know a lot of the same people, but when it looks like you are going straight down my list of friends and befriending all of them...I get a little annoyed. There is no way that you could possibly know each and every one of my FB friends. You know my cousin from California? Really? Didn't think so. Stop being a friend whore.

The Stupid Comment Friend
The Stupid Comment friend generally leaves a comment on my pictures or status updates that is just so stupid it makes me mad. These people usually try to be funny without succeeding, don't understand my humor and get all serious on me, or leave a comment that is just so incredibly stupid that I can't even reply to it. In fact, if I don't reply to your comment on Facebook, it's probably because what you said was too stupid to even acknowledge.

The Bad Grammar Friend
The Bad Grammar Friend is the one who I thought just made a typo, but find out that they really just don't know how to spell or write correctly. For instance, I have this friend on Facebook who must not know that there is a "d" on the end of "and". Heck, they might not even know that "an" & "and" are not the same words. Either way, it's really annoying.

The One Who Asks the Stupid Questions
My teachers always tried to teach us that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Well, I beg to differ. The Facebook friends that asks the stupid questions, generally leave a question for me to answer on my wall. A question that they could have easily just Googled themselves. Instead, I have to come up with a polite way to call these people stupid, or lazy; completely inconveniencing my day. For Pete's (whoever that is) sake, download a Google search bar to your browser window and ask it all of the questions that your little heart is dying to know!

What type of 'friends' annoy you on Facebook?

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B said...

I love facebook, but yearn for the days when it wasn't open to all. Now I'm stuck being friends with my mom, dad, aunt, grandma, other grandma, etc. You get the picture. I do not want to be facebook friends with my family, constantly editing old photos and blocking certain statuses. Drives me nuts.

I particularly dislike the friends who comment on every single status (usually family members). I also HATE when my cousin, clearly not getting my sarcastic humor, leaves me baby advice or some other unappreciated comment when I'm clearly just trying to be funny. Um, I've been a nanny for seven years, and she's been a mommy five months longer than me. My expertise trumps hers.

Ok, done venting now. Haha!

singedwingangel said...

I consider myself blessed based on your list lol. I have my zooworld friends and my IRL friends and my blog friends that about covers it. I have family but they don't really bother me unless I post pics of their kids at my house or something and then it's to ask oooh can you print me a copy of that photo.. Sure can you pay for my ink since you think Imma WalMart?

Melissa said...

I get a little annoyed with one girl who is constantly posting things about her alma matter: Baylor. She loves them and can't stop being their super fan...

I also get a little annoyed with some of my "friends'" politics... they can be extremely conservative - and sometimes that gets unsettling.

Cute post by the way!!!

Joe Cap said...

Lucky me, I don't have any friends, so my facebook is pretty clean.
Seriously, as you know, it can be a pain when all your friends see each other, you really have little privacy when the whole world knows all your contacts.
would you be my facebook friend??
Just kidding.

Menopausal New Mom said...

And people wonder why I don't keep a personal facepage. Next time I'm asked, I'm going to direct them right here to your blog post :)

This Little Family said...

You should stop accepting those itchy rashes back! It's not like they get a notice of rejection or anything :)

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHA!! I totally could have written this word for word.

Yes, I love FB, but hate it at the same time. It's a blessing and a curse.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

I'm super easily irritated on FB (and you know, everywhere else). I hate the "I love my super perfect life where nothing bad ever ever happens, isn't my husband great, and aren't my kids the bestest' FB friends. Like honestly you don't have anything else to say. Tell me you went to the gym. Tell me anything except how perfect you are...

Travis said...

Hey! I noticed that on one of them, you talked about the stupid comment person. I hated this so much, I put a definition of it on urban dictionary! Good to see we hate the same people!

status bomber

Come visit me sometime over at I Like To Fish...!

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

There is a girl I went to high school with who is a facebook friend. Everything she writes drives me crazy. It's all in caps, in sentences no more than 4-5 words per, and is filled with way too much tmi. For example, around Valentine's Day her status said something like this:


Seriously drives me crazy lol :)

Salt said...

OMG the Friend Stealer!!! I totally know someone that does this. All. The. Time. Thank you so much for making me feel like I'm not crazy for letting that drive me crazy.

I used to have a bad grammar friend and it got so horrible that I actually had to use the "less of" function so they wouldn't show up in my feed.

tessica said...

ditto to all!!
and p.s. i am a teacher

there ARE stupid questions!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Grand ... I would have to say I agree with you ... and the grammer thing- yea, it gets a bit old!

our b life said...

The friends that annoy me are the one who write about EVERYTHING and you know they are compensating for something, usually their lack of reality in the world.

On another note. Do you link or post something about your blog on your facebook? I am thinking I want to do that, if it is possible to do an automatic thing... Let me know.

Ian said...

Great post.

I hate everyone and everything on FB but yet I can't bring myself to delete my account.

MrsM said...

I have 22 friends on Facebook, over half of which is family (by blood or marriage). I think that a lot of people feel pressure to accept people they don't like on Facebook so they can have have a big friend list or because they feel like it's socially unacceptable to reject friend requests. Here's the thing though-are these people really your friends?

When is the last time you talked to them? How much information do they know about you-because if everything they know about your life currently comes from your Facebook page they're probably not really friends.

Just say NO! It's really that simple-go through your friends list and delete everyone who annoys you and anyone you don't actually talk to and then don't accept them back. I do it all the time and my page is totally drama free!

WonderWomanWannabe said...

I'm agreeing with Kim@SoManyKids.
Gosh, those people just set me off. I'm a Christian too, but if I have to hear ONE.MORE.DAY. about how wonderful it is that your husband is in the ministry, you love the ministry, you're so glad your children are being raised "right" (what? I'm doing it WRONG?) I'll throw up. I'm actually composing a blog post of my own on this right now.
I've recently done a friend purge of all but those I feel I MUST stay in contact with or genuinely enjoy.

Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy said...

Oh, CRACK me up! Love this! It is so true! And, may I add one? The Passive Aggressive Status Updater - one who writes a status update that is really a passive aggressive slam on me. GRRRR, that really grates on me.

So glad I found your blog!

Shell said...

Oh, the stupid questions! That probably gets me the most. Or the super personal questions asked, right on fb. Seriously- email me or message me- don't post it on my wall for all to see.

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

My SIL would write to me on my page like she would do in an email and that DROVE me nuts!!

Katherine said...

My FB problems are usually around political issues. I have a lot of conservative friends, liberal friends, and independents. They can get a little heated with each other.

Ally said...

I freakin' LOVE you for posting this today. I can't stand the creepers! I really can't. Perfect example, I was laid off in Sept. Since then most of those coworkers never reached out to me since. I finally decided to delete ten of them and one tried to add me back. I want to be like, "Dude, you haven't said a word to me in months, but noticed I deleted you." Obviously she's stalking me.

You nailed every one of my FB complaints.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Julia said...

this totally made me crack up! for me, it's the "comment on everything friend". don't get me wrong. i'm so happy that people see what i'mdoing, but i wonder if they are checking up on me, or i just happen to update my status EVERY time they're on!! :)

Amanda said...

LOL ~ I have SO many irritating FB friends. TOO MANY! I have been known to delete a few as well.

The ones who really get me is the ones who use the F Bomb in almost every status ~ even ones re: their children. UM, TACKY! DELETE!

Copyboy said...

Love your final choice. Can't go wrong with any name that starts with a K. Cool blog.

Tiffany said...

I was going to comment on this post of yours last night, then one of my SAHM friends needed a mommy escape and we headed to Target.

Was I supposed to laugh about some of those FB people? I have the Drama Queen/Attention Status poster. That is my most annoying FB friend that I have. I'd like to to tell them "give it up after awhile. haven't you noticed that people are wise to what you're doing and we've stopped commenting." That same "queen" also have bad spelling and is a quote stealer. Grrrr.

Powdered Toast Man said...

the people that annoy me are the ones that I befriend but then never talk to me. I will send a message and they will never respond. don't be my friend if you don't want to talk to me.

I also hate the bad grammar people too. Great post btw. Love it!