Thursday, April 01, 2010

Top 3 Thursday - Names

Happy April Fools Day!!

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What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Names?

Before we knew the sex of baby Bree, we had several names picked out. We were pretty sure that she was going to be a he, but didn't work out that way. Below is our Top Three favorite names that we had picked out for Bree.

3. Casey Wade - So like I said above, we thought Bree was going to be a boy. I'm not sure why we liked the name "Casey" for a boy so much (& it wasn't because of the race car driver Casey Kahne). It just sounded good put together with "Wade" which was my late Papa Roy's middle name. I still like the name, and if I were to have anymore kids...this name would definitely still be on the list.

2. Landon James - If Bree had been a boy, she most likely would have become Landon James. Hubby and I both just liked the name Landon, and James is Hubby's middle name. Now, I'm kind of thankful that Bree turned out to be a girl, because after she was born, everyone and their Mother seemed to be naming their kid Landon. No offense to anyone who named their child this, it's still a beautiful name, it just wasn't different or unique to me anymore.

1. Kara Lynn - After we found out that Bree was going to be a girl, and before we picked the name she has now...we had thought we would name her Kara Lynn. We picked this name after my Grandmother whose name was Carolyn. I liked Kara Lynn, because it didn't sound as old fashioned as Carolyn does. However, the name just didn't sit well with me. I liked it, but I wasn't in love with it. With me, I've got to be in love with something before I even consider it (this applies to clothes too).

Thankfully, I found a name that I fell in love with. Bree's name fits her personality in every way, and I am so glad I found it!

What 3 names do you like the most?

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Melissa said...

It's so hard figuring out a "perfect" name for your child! Their name is so important and you want to love it... and you want it to be a good, well-suited name. I like the name 'Bree'... I think you picked well!

singedwingangel said...

OH picking a name was the worst for me for # 2 and # 3 especially since I had planned on 1 boy 1 girl I already had names for those. But nooo I had 3 boys lol. LIke your name Landon I had not heard many boys named Devin ( which my oldest son came up with) until after I had him then everyone and their brother was doing it.. grrr

Joe Cap said...

We picked Ariel for the name of The Daughter because we just liked the name. It had nothing to do with that Mermaid movie, in fact, we had never heard of that movie when we named her....(maybe the movie wasn't even out yet, this was 1996??)
If it had been a boy, we were going to name him Tor, which is a Swedish name that means something manly, I believe...

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Those are all sweet names. I have always love Carolyn.

Ian said...

Great post! We were going to name Colin something starting with a C no matter what.

It was going to be Colin, Caleb or dang I can't remember the third LOL

Salt said...

Bree is one of my favorite names for a girl. :) I really like all of your choices though! Hubs and I have already discussed our future kid's names, so if it's a girl her name would be Elizabeth McLeod (after my grandmother) and we would call her Betty. And for a boy it would be Harrison Daniel.

Harrison after Harrison Ford because my husband loves Indiana Jones. *eye roll*

MrsM said...

I LOVE my kids' names (they're on Facebook) although everyone keeps stealing them. As soon as we named one of our kids their name shot up like 100 places or more in popularity-Grrrrr!

If we were to get pregnant between now and July I really like Jackson for a boy (that one I KNOW is popular and I don't care because Hubby will make his middle name Danger so his name will already be weird!) and Winnifred for a girl, that way we could call her Fred which I just think is awesome. We like older names =)

B said...

If I am ever blessed with another girl, her name will be Vivienne Grace. I love it, which is funny, since I hate it spelled Vivian.

For a boy, I love Jack, Hudson, or Connor.

I like Bree. That's my nickname :)

Sammy said...

I love Bree, so pretty! Landon was a favorite of mine until a friend of mine named her son that, I still like it though :)

Katherine said...

You picked a great name!

I thought for sure I'd have a girl. If so, there's no doubt she'd be named Isabella Grace. I've always loved the name Isabella (I know it's so popular right now). I wanted to call her Bella.

Cadence Alexander: I just like it.
Jacob Douglas: I love, love the name Jacob, but my baby brother went off and had a kid first and named him Jacob. Douglas was my husband's father's name, so it seemed fitting.

Ethan is a very popular name, but it's the only one we agreed on. So we named our son Ethan Douglas.

Ally said...

We're doomed if we have kids, we only agree on the following:

Girl: Lola or Ruby
Boy: Ben

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I like William, Michael, James, or Harris for a boy. :) Have no idea what girl name we'd use if we had a 3rd girl!!

Miss. Candy said...

Great names!! Name picking can be so tough!!!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I like the name Kara Lynn, that's original. Idk what my 3 fav names are. My fiancee and I have been talking about baby names but we haven't found any we are in love with yet.

I might have to dwell on this and come back. :-)