Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stupid People-Part II

Not too long ago I wrote an entire post, dedicated to Stupid People and the types that they come in. Today, I am adding another type to the list.

The Ignorant Opinionated Person

Here's the story...

A friend of mine on Facebook was asking whether or not she should invest and buy the Wii Fit. Of course, me, being the p90x fanatic that I am, suggested she invest in it instead. I told her how it actually works, it transforms your body for the good, you feel great, and it's just simply amazing.

Below is the conversation between me & the Ignorant Opinionated Person

Me: Just invest in p90x, better than anything!

Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person: p90x is yur daddy...the people who market p90x have to hack facebook accounts to sell their products...hmm, let me go right out and buy that...riiiite....n e way my friends have wii fit and they never play it so yea i agree with the other guy it would get boring fast

Me: P90x is a 13 dvd set, just pop it in and push play. And no, the people that market p90x do not hack into facebooks. Those people are in no way, shape or form related to the p90x team. The program works like no other thing I have ever tried. Seriously, I wouldn't suggest something if I didn't think it was different or worked.

(This is where Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person gets even more stupid)
Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person: haha wowww i seriously thought that p90x was some new weight loss pill or something....they really couldve thought of a better name for it IMO. just seeing how everyone on here always randomly posts up something about p90x makes me think its some weight loss thing, sorry i dont research all this new weight loss crap. i dont belive in all of it. the way i know to keep weight off is to eat 4 to 5 small, healthy meals a day, stay active, work out if necessary, and avoid stress. ive learned that from multiple fitness experts, personal trainers, and working out since i was 14. i just prefer not to spend my money on all the gimmicks for building muscle and losing weight in todays society

Me: I'm like you...I don't like that either, but this is a fitness program like no other. It's life changing with long term results. It's goal is to get you healthy, not to see how much weight you can lose in 90 days. It's amazing.

Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person: yea i mean im sure it works well, but the thing with those ultimate workout videos and things is they arent for everyone. i mean i just did a quick google search and saw that they have plyometrics in the workout. obviously an obese person in poor physical condition doesnt need to be straining themselves that much right off the bat. all im saying is that i think that a personalized program set up with a well qualified and certified personal trainer is always going to win over these ultimate workout videos, which i see a new one on late night infomercials every month

(And then someone comes to the rescue to help me knock some sense into the Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person)
My Rescuer: but also on the dvds they tell you that you dont have to do the work outs as intense as they do if you arent in the best shape yet or have back and or knee problems and have ways you can modify in a way it can be for everyone you just have to commit and really try

Me: Tony Horton's motto in p90x is "Do your best and forget the rest" but again, he also says that p90x isn't for everyone, that's why there's a physical fitness test with it too. I think though, you would need to try p90x before you could have a true opinion on it, because my mind set was the same as yours...but was completely blown away when I saw how different this program really is. It's different. It's not a get muscles fast and drop weight fast type thing, it's a get healthy at your own pace type thing. It comes with a nutrition guide of regular foods that you can buy in the grocery's all's easy. Anyway, I just suggested it for Bonny because I think she would have fun with it. I'm loving it, and I have never been one for exercise.

Stupid Ignorant Opinionated Person: well thats cool. its good that it warns ppl about some of the exercises b/c some people really are in bad shape. at least i know its not some diet pill now lol, thats just what it sounded like to me

I mean really, if you're going to have an opinion on least know what in the heck you're talking about! I was like, what a moron...seriously.

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Melissa said...

Good times! Now you have me wanting to try p90x. But aren't the exercises long? Maybe I should do the Shred thing? I don't have much time to actually work out... Anywho... I always have my treadmill and i love it. I watched Glee this morning while working out. Awesome workout!

Joe Cap said...

This person was mouthing off without being familiar with the product.
The Daughter has Wii fit, and I was amazed at how cool it was, and that it really does make you work, AND track your progress.

B said...

That's so frustrating. I find that people who like to voice their opinion on things they haven't tried tend to have even more asinine opinions on parenting. So frustrating.

Salt said...

I am now dumber after having read all of that person's responses.

I love when people fly off the handle about things when they don't even have a clue as to what they are talking about.

Too bad p90x didn't consult with them first. Maybe they could have come up with a more awesome name for it.

Sam said...

Ugh, I can't STAND people who badmouth things they know absolutely nothing about. And further, when they find out they were completely incorrect and STILL stand by their opinion/won't admit they were wrong. Grrr.. I'm sorry you have to deal with these SIOP's... hmm, I might call them that from now on (credit to you, of course!). Nice title, hehe.

Geof said...

Wow Sam. I work with several members of these species. Thought they only habituated in my workplace, but now I see they are spreading quickly. Not good!!

Katherine said...

Yeah...I can't stand it when people ACT like they know what they're talking about when they haven't done a single bit of research! Drives me crazy.

And P90X rocks. They don't expect you to be able to do EVERYTHING right from the start. You go at your own pace and push yourself as much as you want!

I'd recommend it to anyone...and for those not in the best shape....start with Lean (I did).

Diet pill.....hahaha! Crazy person.

Mommy Lisa said...

I love the Wii Fit - but like MyFitness Coach for Wii better.

I have not tried p90x. ;) Some people are so ignorant.

Ian said...

Ok this is why I don't do Facebook.

The Carnival of Idiocy is out of control over there.

Case closed.

Shell said...

What an idiot!

Brandy said...

but it gives you something to blog about. lol

The Drama Mama said...

I think people who spout at the mouth without having the info on what they are talking about are worse then people who don't know any better. What a frustrating conversation that was.

And now I am also interested in this p90x thing.

Julia said...

umm, yeah, what a dummy.

purseblogger said...

Stupid is right girl. I love P90X!

our b life said...

It amazes me everyday when people talk about something they really don't know anything about.

It is too bad most of these people are my kids...... !

Ally said...

i hate those types of arguments on fb. how annoying. why couldn't she just say something like "thanks for the tip, i will look into it."

Shandal said...

Aye yi yi! LOL It's hard to talk to people about it sometimes. There's a lot of people that just think it's a gimmick. Seriously! Why in the world would I start working for Beachbody if I didn't believe in the programs!?!? LOL Good job trying to spread the word though! :) Hope all is well with you!!!