Monday, February 23, 2009

My Woo Bee & Other Addictions

I was pretty sure that I didn't have an "addictive personality". Boy was I wrong.

Bottles, Barbies, and Boys is a blog that I read frequently. As part of Meme Monday, she asked us to participate in answering and admitting what our Woo Bee is.

Woo Bee: [wu-bee] noun; Something you are attached to for security reasons, or no reason at all.

I didn't have to think long about it, until I realized that my Woo Bee is a heating pad! I feel so old saying this, and admitting to it, but it's true. Three years ago I had a pretty bad wreck in which I was hit from behind by a truck. Along with a bottle of Demerol & muscle relaxers, the doctor also suggested I sleep on a heating pad. I haven't slept without my heating pad since! I take it with me when I sleep somewhere over night. I'm not sure if I have made this up in my head or not, but if I miss a night sleeping on it, I swear my back is in pain the next day.

It's sad to be 21 years old, and addicted to something like a heating pad.

My other addictions also include the internet.
I check Craigs List almost as much as I am on Facebook now. The thing is though, I only check the "pets" and "furniture" section of the website. You wouldn't believe some of ugly furniture people have. I can't believe they even think it's worth trying to get a couple of hundred bucks out of. I have seen everything from a wagon wheel kids bed, to a cigar indian! I'm not sure why I am so addicted to this website, other than the fact that I enjoy looking at people's crap. It's like a yard sale online! I love it!

Addictions aren't good things to have, especially since sititng in front of a computer screen too long can result in cancer or dementia. I guess I'm screwed. I have a true addiction to the internet, but more so for Facebook and more currently...Craigs List.

I just hope that my hubby can bare with me through all of this. I'll most likely grow out of the Craigs List addiction, but I'm not so sure about Facebook. My whole family is on Facebook. Oh the joys of technology.


Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Wish I had expensive crap to sell.

Samantha said...

You know it! I sold my coffee table and two side tables, but they were top of the line compared to some of the ugly, 70's furniture I see. Wow.