Friday, July 31, 2009

Lose The Fatty Friday: Exercise Part II

Week 4

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Thank you for joining me for Week 4 of Lose The Fatty Friday. Last week I encouraged you to buy Leslie Sanson's Walk at Home videos and Brooke Silar's Pilates for Weight Loss video. I hope you did, and if you didn' should definitely go out and buy it this weekend. Let me remind you, exercise is the KEY to weight loss. Yeah you can cut your proportions in half, and drink nothing but water, but without won't lose EVERYTHING. I've never met a person who only wanted to lose a couple of pounds when they were over weight and not happy with their body.

Alright, so last week I told you that we were going to change routine. I want you to combine the Walk at Home video with the Pilates. Each morning I combine the 20 Pilates cardio video with the 2nd mile on the Walk At Home video. It only takes 35 minutes, and it is quiet the little work out. I also use the 2 pound weights when doing the Walk At Home video.

Maybe you didn't accept last week's Challenge because you don't have enough time in your day to exercise. Well, here's your solution. Get up 45 minutes before you are supposed to wake in the morning, and exercise then. Exercise BEFORE you eat breakfast. Once I started working out in the mornings, I lost more weight fast. If you exercise in the morning, you burn more calories all day long and it is a more effective way to exercise. Plus, it helps you start your day on the right track. I always feel like super woman after I finish my work out in the morning.

This Week's Challenge: Combine Brooke Silar's "Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners" DVD with the Leslie Sanson's "Walk At Home". Remember to include the 2 pound weights during the Walk at Home DVD. Do 20 minutes of cardio in Pilates and do the 2nd mile of the Walk at Home video. This adds up to a total of 35 minutes. Don't forget to exercise in the morning and BEFORE YOU EAT!! It's more effective.



MrsM said...

Finding time to exercise can be hard. I am totally irratic with it at the moment because there's just no way for me to carve out a routine-for example, there is no way for me to wake up 45 minutes earlier, I only sleep three hours a night!-but the kids keep me running 24/7, so I don't feel to bad if I miss some days on Pilates. I do agree that mornings are the best time to exercise if you can though!