Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Saturday (night)

Why am I blogging on a Saturday night? Shouldn't I be out, hitting up the town, getting into trouble, and calling my Dad to come bail me out of jail? Not tonight. The In-Laws are over and have taken over my television. With what? Nascar. Major b-o-r-i-n-g. Oh well, good thing I have a computer and another television! I'm just thankful to NOT be wearing my glasses anymore.

This past week, I've suffered from severe eye trouble. Well, not severe. I guess that's an exaggeration, but it's been agitating. Last week while we were at the beach, my contact somehow got a hole in it. I was able to make it a week on a pair of contacts with a hole in it. How? I'm not sure. I felt like I had a bug in my eye the whole time. Thursday night, the hole got bigger and I went from feeling like I had a bug in my eye, to a shard of glass! I was forced to wear my glasses for two days, and by the time my eye appointment rolled around this morning, I was ready to throw the glasses on the floor and stomp on them! I didn't of course, because that's money and I never know when I may need them again. The eye appointment went well though. I thought about Mrs. M when they gave me the poof-of-air-in-the-eye test (a.k.a Glaucoma). My left eye remained the same, but the right eye had gotten a little worse. He said it hadn't gotten much worse, but I consider it bad when I can't see a detailed face from across the room. Anyway, he proceeded to take a picture of my eye balls. This consisted of a flash of light from a camera through a machine in my eyes. I was seeing spots for hours. He informed that I have a stigmatism in my left eye, but it's not bad. Anyway, since I don't have health insurance, I came home 220.00 poorer. 145.00 of that was for the eye exam and 75.00 dollars were for the contacts. The lady did inform me that I could buy 8 boxes of contacts and get a 50.00 mail in rebate. To which I said, no thank you. Why? Why do I want to spend 200.00 on contacts, just to get 50 of it back? And anyway, I can generally make 2 boxes last an entire a year.

How has everyone's weekend been? Good I hope. I pray you all have a wonderful Sunday, and I'll see you all Monday!


MrsM said...

Awww, you thought of me! How sweet. I hope you were able to stop laughing long enough for them to poof your eyeballs.


Samantha said...

Haha, I didn't laugh but I did smile :) They did it relatively fast. I have had them in the past warn me that a poof of air was coming, and then I ended up blinking before it happened. So, it was a prolonged experience.

Jenny said...

I think I'm legally blind without my contacts or glasses. I have to wear daily contacts and it costs a lot, but is so worth it!

You should check into getting AAA. They have discounts for eye exams and glasses. That's what I use. It's better than nothing.

Samantha said...

Jenny, I'm pretty sure I am legally blind also without contacts or my glasses. I'm saving up some money to have the lasik eye surgery done, but then at the same time I am apprehensive about it. I would be the one in like a million who would get the side effect of going

We had AAA last year, but didn't pay the renewal fee this year. Mainly because we're broke, and we only used a Target discount once...I'm hoping to get health insurance in September. The job that the hubby had previous to his new one, didn't offer company health insurance. So, hopefully getting it soon.