Monday, August 24, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI made up mind last week that today, I would get up early, workout, have a few moments of peace to myself before Bree got up, and then continue my day as normal. I accomplished the first three things, but after that it all went down hill. Nothing was going my way, and nothing would work the way I NEEDED it to work.

First of all, can someone tell me what is wrong with Whenever the website loads, it says it needs more elbow room & would like to borrow space on my desktop. It gives me a few instructions, I follow them, and nothing. I still can't get into the site. What's wrong? Is anyone else having this issue?

Second of all, I've been trying to upload the same pictures to Facebook for 2 weeks now, and every time I try, something ALWAYS happens that forbids me to upload them. Today's problem is that the Facebook uploader isn't working. I thought it was my Java needing updated, but evidently not.

Today, the computer hates me and believe me, the feeling is mutual.

I also need some suggestions. It seems my child has back tracked on the potty training. Pretty sure it all started slipping backwards while we were at the beach. How do I get her back to where she is telling me she needs to potty EVERY TIME she needs to potty?


How is everyone else's Monday going? Hopefully better than mine. Is it Friday yet?


MrsM said...

What happens on Friday? Don't tell me you get days off! LoL. I'm sorry your day went so badly.

I don't know what's wrong, but I haven't been having any problems with picnick lately. Facebook, on the other hand, has been a nightmare. I can't seem to upload anything onto it either-and yahoo? Forget about it! A lot of sites I've been on have been having tech difficulties lately...

Samantha said...

Friday is the beginning of the weekend :)

I think picnik hates me I guess. I really need to use it :(

Maybe the internet is crashing. That would be my hell I think.