Friday, August 07, 2009

Lose The Fatty Friday: Taking a Break

Alright guys, so we've been working four long weeks on losing the fat! It's time to take a break. I find that taking a break after 2 or 3 week of exercising, helps the body to drop a few pounds. Therefore, I exercise 2, sometimes 3 weeks and then take a 1 or 2 week break. So, over the next 2 right, continue to drink water and watch the pounds fall off. I generally lose 3 to 5 pounds during my exercise breaks! I just reached my 3rd goal of 125 pounds. I for one am trying not to lose anymore weight, and concentrating now on repairing my post baby stretch marks and uneven skin. For that I use Palmer's Weight Loss or Post Pregnancy lotion. It works!

I wanted to also let you guys know that we will be leaving tomorrow night for a week of family vacation at the beach! I may or may not be in touch. Just depends on the internet connection at the beach. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week. Don't forget that this weekend is also TAX FREE weekend! So make sure you get your school supplies!!

Love you all & talk to you soon!


MrsM said...

You need to live in Alaska, Oregon, or Hawaii-we have no consumer sales tax. Ever. The best place to live is in Vancouver, WA because you can live and work there with no state income tax, but cross into Oregon in less than 20 minutes and buy your stuff with no sales tax.

Oooooooh yeah. The west coast rocks.

I hope your vacation was awesome! Still, know that you have been missed in blogland.