Saturday, October 03, 2009

Changing My Style.

I have come to a point in my life where I need to change the way I dress. I could easily be mistaken for a high schooler in the clothes that I dress in now. I have Hollister shirts and American Eagle jeans. I'm in style...just not for a 21 year old. It's going to be hard to depart from my American Eagle jeans, when that is all I have worn since I was in the eighth grade. Being short (5 foot even), I have always found that American Eagle's blue jeans always seem to fit me best. I know though, that there has to be another jean out there that fits me just as well. A jean is a jean right? I used to think so, but I don't think that is true any more. I am a Mommy now, and I am no longer in high school. It's time to do something. "What Not to Wear" would be all over my tail if they got a hold of me.

Here's what a typical outfit that I normally wear looks like:
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& here is what I want to switch my style too:
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That might not look like a drastic change to you, but it is to me. I want to be comfortable, but yet I want to look fashionable and like my age. I can't wear Hollister stuff anymore, and as much as I hate to say it...I can't wear American Eagle anymore. It's a brand I have been wearing since I was in eighth grade, and it's time to change. I've never been a fan of change, which may be why I have waited to so long to do this, but it's got to be done. I'm not in high school. This is a major step for me, but I'm excited about it. I want to look respectable. Not like I'm baby sitting my baby sister for the day.

Have any of you young mothers, like me, had this problem? I want to hear your input, just to make sure that I'm not crazy or having some strange "mid-life" crisis. I hope I'm not "mid-life", but you know what I mean. What did you do when it came time for you to stop shopping in the Junior's Department and buying your first set of clothes in the Women's Department?

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thatgirlblogs said...

I just cleaned my closet for the same reason. Reluctantly gave my younger stuff to my teen... where it belonged all along ;)

Mother Mayhem said...

I'm an old coot, but for what it's worth, if AE jeans fit you, just find them in a different style. ;o)

Samantha said...

I wish Bree was old enough to wear what I have. It's all practically new from last Fall, but it's just not my age. It's so sad when you come to this realization, but exciting too! I'm excited about a new me/new style. Maybe I'll be taken a bit more seriously :)

& Mother Mayhem, I wish it were that simple. But at this moment, American Eagle only has about 5 different styles for their jeans: The Artist (which is what I wear, but doesn't fit me as well as the Flair which they had last year), Straight leg, Boot Cut, Skinny Jean, and the Boyfriend Jean. I'm too short and curvy to wear the straight leg, or skinny jean. I don't really like the boot cut, because they tend to be a little lengthy, and the Artist jean is just...not that great. It's really, rather aggravating, because I live in blue jeans & when I don't feel right...I don't feel good.

Becky said...

I still shop in the junior dept and I am 34. Go with your heart and your personality.

If you are happy and excited about the change that is great! Good luck! But you are okay the way you are:)

Samantha said...

I'm definitely ready for a change, but I'm sure I won't completely stop shopping in the Juniors Deptartment. :)

Nikki said...

Honey you ARE young!! If you can get into those clothes wear it while you can!! Enjoy being young AND looking young!! I'm 34 and wish to heck I still fit into that stuff!

PS..following you on twitter now