Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top 3 Thursday - Favorite Ages

It's time for Top 3 Thursday! If you want to join in just click here or here to get the rules!

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Ages?

3. Age 8 - What's not to love about the age of eight? The weekends lasted forever, an hour seemed like five, and I didn't even know what a calorie was! I might've been a fat kid when I was eight years old, but I'd take those days back in a heart beat!

2. Age 18 - I finally kicked that jerk of a boyfriend to the curb, and moved on to amazing (& much better) things. I got into my first bad car accident, had my first date with Hubby, and fell in love! 18 was a pretty perfect age, minus the car accident, and I would re-live my first date with Paul over and over again if I could.

1. Age 19 - I had a pretty eventful 19th year. I got married, and became a Mother for the first time. I had a lot of life changes, which was reflected on my tax refund for that year too! Woo hoo...ahem...anyway, 19 was a pretty good year. Not to say that it didn't have its rough patches, but Bree is definitely one of the best things to ever happen to me & since I was 19 when she was given to's the age of 19 that ranks in as my number in my Top 3 favorite ages!

What were your favorite ages?

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B said...

Mine have all been recent years, I'm happy to say.

First up - 20. I graduated from UT, met most of my current amazing group of friends, and bought my first car.

Next - 22. This is the year I lived in NYC, bought my home,met the love of my life, and moved back to Austin.

And last but certainly not least, 25 was (is) my favorite, and is still where I am. This has been the year that my daughter was born :)
Great top three question!

Joe Cap said...

This is pretty cool, Samantha. Here I go:
1. Age my driver's license
2. Age married (first and only marriage, I am\always was a late bloomer)
3. Whatever age I am at when I retire will be my favorite age.

Ally said...

Wow Samantha I love this question!

9-13 I loved life (can't pinpoint one year)

19 was awesome

24 was fun :)

Brandy said...

you had 2 great years in a row. for me - prolly 19 - married
definitely - 28 - grayson
and I gotta think on the 3rd

Ian said...

Good questions.

25 - met the wife
27 - married the wife
29 - had the kid...well the wife had the kid

Salt said...

Oh this is a cool top 3!

Let's see...I have a terrible memory, so I can't really remember much about what made certain years special when I was younger. So I'll say...

1. Age 25. I dated a guy that lived in NYC and got to visit up there every weekend. It was wonderful. I wanted to move there.

2. Age 30. I moved back east from California and in with my then boyfriend, now hubs!

3. Age 32. Ok ok so I got married a week before I turned 32, but I think so far this is going to be my fave age!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Any age that you get a tax reund is a good age to be ;-)

Powdered Toast Man said...

my favorite ages would have to be age 5 cuz that is the only age I got a birthday party and it's on tape.

next would be 18 cuz I got my driver's license

finally 25 (my age now) cuz I got engaged.

ahhh to be a kid again...